Custom solutions that exceed your expectations


The Iradix team specializes in application development utilizing many of today's leading technologies to accomplish our client's most complicated needs. We are committed to open source technologies, and we actively contribute to may of the projects that we use regularly.

Our team members have been working in the industry for years and have extensive experience with both established and emerging technologies. From enterprise languages like Java and SQL to powerful new ones like Scala, and the frameworks that they power, we are constantly on the lookout for the best technology to accomplish the task at hand. By having this continuity, we can start you with whatever is best for your job and be able to support it to in the future - even when newer technology emerges.

When you start working with Iradix, you can expect a team of professionals who can deliver exactly what you are looking for. After our first meeting, we will present you with a work plan and specifications for the system. We'll only get started your comfortable that we're all on the same page and heading in the right direction.

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Our development is task oriented and form an integral part of each work plan. We break projects up into discrete deliverables, which in many cases you will be able to start testing as development continues on the next task. By doing this you will also be able to provide us feedback and be sure everyone is on the same page while keeping development moving on schedule.

We maintain a very robust environment for communication with our clients. All clients are provided with many tools for collaboration including a project wiki, bug tracking system and help desk. If you are in need of development work, pleaseĀ contact us for a quote.