Stability, Security and Scalability


The key to a successful web application is a reliable hosting solution. At Iradix, we strive to provide our clients with the ideal solution to meet their needs. From server power to bandwidth and from maintence to backup, we and our strategic partners have the ability and know-how to provide you with an optimal solution.

Our Internet connection is delivered through redundant uplinks to multiple providers for maximum fault tolerance. In fact, redundancy is key. In addition to multiple uplinks, we also utilize multiple switches, routers and firewalls to ensure maximum uptime.

Security is critical. Our computers are housed in private racks at the Data Center. Security staff monitors the premises 24/7 and access to the machines is restricted soley to Iradix staff. In addition to physical security, the data center is equiped with the latest in fire prevention and cooling systems to make sure that your site remains secure.

security keys

All production servers are provided by Dell. All servers run Fedora Linux and are monitored 24/7 for optimal performance. To pricing information or if you have any questions, pleaseĀ visit our contact page.